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Martin Campbell  


A former apprentice trained motor mechanic, I retrained in micro electronics as a mature student and have worked as a biomedical electronics engineer since 1991.

My interest in Jukeboxes came from a short work placement with a Jukebox and Gaming machine operator Music Hire Group in Leeds.  I got hold of a rough Rowe-Ami Woodbridge and restored it. As most of us discover, once you have done one Jukebox up you want another and so collecting begins.

I have up to now restored about 20 machines, the majority being 1960s/70s Seeburgs.

I always look out for the roughest machines, those that most would break for parts, I find the most rewarding to do.

Other Interests:-

I have been a classic and custom car and bike fan since my teens and have built many custom bikes, a couple of which I still ride. ( check out one of them in this link from Youtube.com:- Martins V8 Motorcycle #2 ).  I run a classic 1962 Vauxhall Cresta through the summer.

Some of my restorations. About Me. Martins V8