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“Match–O-Matic” fitting instructions

1. Pull out the Jukebox stylus to amplifier RCA/Phono plug
2. Plug in the “Match-O-Matic” output lead into the input socket of the amplifier
3. Plug the Jukebox stylus connector into the socket on the “Match-O-Matic” output lead.
4. Connect the headphone output of your  I-pod or other MP3 player to the remaining “Match-O-Matic” lead wire.
5. On Seeburgs, leave a single record slot blank in the rack(magazine)
6. Select the blank record slot
7. On other makes of Jukebox, arrange a method of preventing the stylus from touching the record in play whilst the “Match-O-Matic” is in use.
8. Adjust the output volume using a combination of main Jukebox control and that on the MP3 player.